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Timeline - Hotel Zehnerkar and Obertauern


how it all began...

Construction of the hotel began in 1958 and was completed in 1959. Hotel Zehnerkar’s first guests spent their skiing holidays at the hotel in the 1959/1960 winter season.

Summer opening

Hotel Zehnerkar and the restaurant were also open in summer from their opening until the early 1990s.

Winter family

Anton and Maria Winter with their daughters Christine and Rita, who later took over Hotel Zehnerkar.

1960 - 1980

First extensions

To keep up with the times, conversions and extensions were made between 1960 and 1980.


Guest House Obertauern

In 1983, the small 5-room bed and breakfast "Guest House Obertauern" was born.


Extension and lift installation

1990 saw the business expand. The revamped Hotel Zehnerkar had 3 floors with a total of 27 rooms and a passenger lift.
In 1994, the Hotel Zehnerkar was connected underground to the Obertauern building and a sauna and wellness area was created.



In 2000 the conservatory was added and the façade redecorated. The hotel shines in its new splendour.

The Hollfelder family

Rita and Reinhard Hollfelder with their children Iris and Reinhard Jr.


Guest House Obertauern becomes Hotel Obertauern.
5 rooms became 20.
A swimming pool and an underground car park were added.


The 4th floor

In 2006, another floor was added and dormers were erected. The Hotel Zehnerkar now has 4 floors, has 32 rooms and all staff accommodation is also in-house. The sun terrace was built over, the whole building was extended by 6m and a spacious buffet area was built.


Almost completely new...

In 2020 a cellar was added again. The car park in front of the hotel now has an underground level, there is now a youth lounge, a children's playroom, a gym and a wine cellar, along with a ski cellar with ski lockers. The conservatory and the restaurant and the reception area have also been completely renovated and expanded.

Hollfelder-Klinger family

The third family hotel generation Iris and Helmut and their children David and Jasmin.

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